Car Diagnostic Tool Launch x431 V. Features and Advantages of The Scanner

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Что такое Launch x431 V
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The tendency for modern vehicles to become more complex is forcing mechanics to use more advanced repair and maintenance technologies. This applies in large part to diagnostics. 

No repair can be done without it. The electronic control and monitoring systems should be diagnosed first of all. Adapters and scanners are used for this purpose, and one of the most advanced is presented by Launch.

What is Launch x431 V

The job of an automotive diagnostician gradually crystallized into a separate profession. Like any craft, it requires special equipment. If a decade ago, the diagnostician could get by with a simple adapter and an ordinary laptop, or even a cell phone, today the requirements for diagnostic equipment have changed radically.

For effective diagnosis, fault location or reprogramming of a module or control unit, this approach is no longer sufficient. The hardware and software developers at Launch are well aware of this.

Launch x431 V, manufacturer and configuration

The Chinese company Launch has been developing diagnostic equipment and software since 1992. During this time, the company has taken a leading position in the global market of diagnostic equipment, and also produces elevators, tire changers and balancers, camber adjustment stations, professional equipment for car service and measuring tools.

In the early 2000s, the company released the first generation of diagnostic scanners, which became popular not only in the home country of the brand. The USA, the UK, Australia, Japan, the European Union, the UAE - this is not a complete list of the countries where Launch has its official representative offices. However, the real breakthrough on the world markets was marked by the Launch x431 scanner in 2003.

Open diagnostic platform, ability to update databases via the Internet, support for almost all equipment in the world car fleet - such innovations could not be failed to be appreciated by car service centers around the world. In the CIS countries alone, more than 30,000 Launch x431 devices are in operation.

The fifth generation of the Launch x431 V scanner is still in great demand, although since its premiere the company has already managed to release more advanced models of the car scanner. The fifth generation of the device is equipped with a full set of necessary equipment to start working immediately after receiving the device.

Launch x431 V set:

  • 8-inch tablet with Android 9.0;
  • OBD II adapter;
  • more than 20 DLC OBD II connector adapters for 98% of brands and models of cars on the market;
  • adapter extension cable;
  • USB cable and charger for the tablet;
  • adapter power cable for those cases where power is not supplied to the diagnostic connector;
  • documentation package with the warranty sheet;
  • shockproof case for storage and transportation;
  • unique serial number for company registration and activation of the device and software.

After activation, all possible database and software updates are available to the user free of charge for two years from the date of activation.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications LAUNCH X431 V
Operating systemAndroid 9.0
Internal memory capacity32 GB (up to 128 GB)
Screen diagonal8 inches
ScreenCapacitive Touch
Screen resolution1280x800 pixels
Front Camera2 MP
Back camera5 MP
Wi-Fi802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2,4 GGz/5 GGz)
Battery5000 mAh

The best choice

Affordable multi-car diagnostics tool

A universal scanner that covers 98% of today's automotive industry

Advantages of Launch x431 V

This scanner has a lot to offer the technician. Unlike other devices, the Launch provides a complete, self-contained kit for full operation. In addition, the Launch x431 v scanner has a number of significant advantages:

  1. Coverage of the global passenger car fleet of about 98%.
  2. Powerful diagnostic functions and accurate scanning results.
  3. The scanner runs on the Android 9.0 system supported by a powerful 2.0 GHz quad-core processor.
  4. By default, it works with the DBSCar IV diagnostic connector in a rugged plastic housing. If necessary, you can use a wired extension cable, if the diagnostic connector in the car is installed in a hard-to-reach place.
  5. The adapter has an autonomous power supply if the car's diagnostic connector does not provide 12 V voltage to the adapter.
  6. One-click updates via Wi-Fi.
  7. Supports remote diagnostics.
  8. The scanner supports 15 most demanded functions.
  9. Supports additional modules that can be purchased if necessary - Wi-Fi printer, endoscope, immobilizer programmer and a number of other additional.

The compact and ergonomic design of the scanner is fully protected from external influences, shock loads due to the industrial dust and moisture protection IP65. It comes with a rubberized pouch that prevents damage if it is dropped from a height of about one meter. However, it is worth remembering that this is high-precision electronics that do not like careless handling.

Launch x431 scanner version comparison 

The x 431 v Car Diagnostic Scanner is not the only model developed by Launch for efficient diagnostics. However, the fifth version remains the most popular because of its affordable price and huge capabilities. There are a number of modifications of the device.

Scanner Model →

↓ Characteristics
Launch х431 PADIILaunch х431 ProLaunch х431 Pro 3
Processor, GHz / cores2.0 / 81.3 / 41.8 / 8
Screen diagonal inches/pixels10.1 / 1920 х 12008 / 1280 х 80010.1 / 1920x1200
Operating systemAndroid 4.4Android 7.0Android 9.0
RAM/internal memory, GB2/64, EMMC2/323/32
Expanding memoryup to 128 GB, microSD/TFup to 32 GB, microSDup to 2 TB,
Front/rear camera, MP5.0 / 8.0- / 5.05.0 / 8.0
Connection interfacesWi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, HDMIWi-Fi, Bluetooth, USBWi-Fi, Bluetooth
Battery, mA12000, Li-Pol4680, Li-Pol7000, Li-ion

Launch х431 PADII

This scanner model differs from the basic scanner model in that it has a more powerful work tablet processor. In addition, the device can be used for trucks, navigation and communication system diagnostics. The scanner supports connection of additional modules, in particular a four-channel oscilloscope and an endoscope.

The tablet has a 2.0 GHz 8-core processor, a 10-inch touch screen, 64 GB of built-in memory, expandable up to 128 GB. The most important difference from the younger versions is the ability to update up to three years from the date of activation, as well as a database of more than 200 cars.

Launch х431 Pro

The Launch Pro Series is one step below the PAD II in the instrument hierarchy, but it has also proven to be a good fit. Especially after the upgrade in 2020. For example, the tablet body got a depot for storing the adapter with a lifting system, the tablet itself is no longer from third-party manufacturers, it is made by Launch.

The device runs on Android 4.0 under the control of a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor. By default, the tablet has the fifth version of the software without screen rotation support, there is only one rear camera, and audio jacks are not provided by the design, unlike the older versions.

Launch х431 Pro 3

The device entered the market in the summer of 2020 and differs from other scanners of the Pro family in that it has two versions: car and truck. The fourth generation Launch x431 Pro 3 scanner uses a proven tablet from Lenovo with an 8-core processor and 3 GB of RAM, a higher-resolution screen and two cameras.

The software package has been slightly modified, but it remains as functional and supports most cars manufactured in Europe, USA and Asia. The number of functions is almost the same as in the Launch x431 V scanner.

Almost all X-431 V Launch scanners that are purchased separately can use both Android and iOS software.

Compatibility with Launch x431 V Auto Scanner Brands

The company claims that the device's software covers 98% of the world's vehicle fleet. In addition, new makes and models are added during the update process, and the update is available for two years from the date of registration for free. After that period, you will need to pay extra for the update. 

The full up-to-date updated list of supported brands can be found on the company's website.

However, even without updates, almost all cars that are operated in the U.S. and Europe can be diagnosed with the Launch x431 V scanner.

How the Launch x431 V adapter works

After purchasing the adapter, you need to activate it, perform an initial update of the databases and software, perform a simple setup and get to work.


To activate the device, you must have a unique serial number, which is supplied and sealed in a disposable envelope. To register, you must start the scanner, after which a dialog box will pop up with a choice: register or log in to your existing account.

Creating an account is simple - you must enter your personal data, after which the client will receive an email with a confirmation code.

After that, you need to activate the adapter by entering the serial number in the dialog box.

When the activation is successful, you need to update the software and databases via Wi-Fi.


The basic setup is to fill in the workshop data, which will allow it to be automatically entered into customer reports. All reports are stored in the system memory of the scanner, so you can always find the customer vehicle and trace the diagnostic history. Optionally, reports can be printed via the printer module.


The scanner communicates with the adapter via wireless Wi-Fi network. To get started, find the OBD II connector in the car and connect the adapter to it. After turning on the ignition the adapter is powered, as evidenced by the lit LED on the adapter body.

After turning on the tablet, you must select the make of the vehicle being diagnosed.

The scanner determines the model, VIN code, engine type, year of manufacture and other basic information. The interface will prompt you to select two diagnostic options - automatic or manual. 

In manual mode, you can select the vehicle system or unit to be checked by yourself. In the smart scan mode, the device will scan all systems by itself and if there are errors, it will give you a list of them.

List of operations

The basic version of the Launch x431 V scanner allows you to perform a lot of operations:

  1. Automatic VIN detection when connected to the vehicle in smart diagnostic mode.
  2. Reading all types of errors in any system of the car - gearbox, climate control system, air suspension and adaptive suspension and steering.
  3. Removing errors from electronic systems.
  4. Real-time data display for fault code identification, testing of ignition systems, power system pressure, cylinder compression, ABS.
  5. Graphing and analyzing data with the ability to save it in a report to the customer's personal card.
  6. Support of the 15 most common and frequently used functions. For example: throttle adaptation, resetting of steering calibration (electric power steering), resetting of data of tire pressure control system, ABS, brake system pressure, matching of alarm, battery, calibration of optics, automatic transmission and variator training, matching of injectors operation and many others.
  7. Additional modules support - wireless printer, oscilloscope, endoscope, immobilizer programmer.
  8. One-click update after registration and two-year warranty period after activation.
  9. Store reports, charts and maintenance cards in cloud storage, saving device resources.
  10. Providing repair and maintenance data on the vehicles being tested on demand.

Overall, the diagnostic scanner is great for professionals. Reviews of the Launch x431 V scanner from professional diagnosticians confirm the tremendous capabilities of the device. In its price niche, the device is still unmatched.

Launch x431 V scanner analogue review

As of 2022, the market for diagnostic scanners is saturated with both high-quality devices and inexpensive devices with reduced functions. In general, scanners are divided into multi-brand, mono-brand (dealer), and inexpensive scanners for basic data reading.

  • Autel MaxiSys MS919
    Like Launch, it is considered a multi-brand scanner with support for about 90 car brands. Supports original manufacturer repair documentation, advanced diagnostics, OEM coding and block programming. The scanner analyzes trouble codes, delivers repair tips and manuals, and supports an online database and technical bulletins from the manufacturer.

New for 2021

Multi-brand scanner

Allows you to perform all basic OEM-level diagnostic procedures (errors, parameters, activations, test blocks, etc.).

  • Delphi DS150E

Inexpensive multimaster scanner, which was developed by the Swedish company Autocom. It is considered a semi-professional model, but the official device has access to a huge amount of repair information available immediately after user registration. The manufacturer claims to cover the diagnostic needs of more than 48,000 car models. The scanner automatically detects the car model, VIN code, recognizes errors, reads operational information with the possibility of comparing it with the nominal one.

Budget option

Semi-professional model

Designed for diagnostics of cars and trucks of foreign production. Works via USB and Bluetooth.

  • FCAR F7S-G

Mid-priced car scanner made in China. It can work with most popular models, including those manufactured in China. The big plus of the FCAR F7S-G scanner is the ability to work with an extensive off-line database. The disadvantages include an inexpensive slow 10-inch tablet based on an old Freescale processor (1.2 GHz). However, the disadvantages are compensated by the reasonable price of a two-year free updatable database.


The newest model of FCAR diagnostic scanner

Specialized for monitoring special vehicles, cars, trucks, diesel and gasoline vehicles, F7S-G is based on modular technology, which accelerates the testing and troubleshooting of the vehicle.

  • Carman Scan VG+
    It is considered the most powerful and efficient scanner among professional models in its price category. It supports diagnostics of almost the entire car fleet of Chinese, European, and U.S. manufacture. The possibilities of the device exceed those of a simple multimode scanner, because it can work as a motor-tester and simulator of any sensor operation. It is possible to perform both computer and instrumental diagnostics. One of the most expensive devices for professional use.
  • Launch Pilot Scan
    Another model from the Chinese brand Launch. The Pilot Scan is designed for car service centers and dealerships. Its main functions include reading and identifying errors, erasing errors, adapting electronic control units, calibrating sensors and much more. The device appeared on the market recently, but has already managed to become a leader in the segment. Nevertheless, many people consider its price overpriced and note the lack of tire pressure monitoring system diagnostics.

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